Benefits of an ad server API

coding An ad server is only as good as the results it delivers, which is why both publishers and advertisers go to great lengths to keep track of how their ads are performing. All good ad servers provide online accesses and updates to their users. But what if they don’t really cover all the bases that you need? This is where an Application Programming Interface (API) comes into play. The API allows publishers and advertisers to create their own custom code and scripts that help them have more control of the data, customize workflow and other integration benefits. If you have the technical ability to create such code, it really pays to go with an ad server that offers an API as part of their services. Let’s take a closer look at just some of the benefits of an API.

Automated ad management

If you have only a few ads, you can take the time to manually put together ads and campaigns. However, it is not the case when you routinely have many ads because creating them would be very time consuming. Instead, you can write custom scripts that can do it all automatically. Not only will an API allow you to create new ads and campaigns, it will also allow you to create and set up those ads in bulk and fast. This leaves you with more time to tackle other projects that may be more pressing. This point brings us very nicely to our next benefit.

Time saving

It is certainly exciting to see an ad perform well, but the reality is that it takes time to create ads and then go through all the data to make sure that they are performing as well as hoped. It’s laborious and time consuming. With all that invested time, mistakes will still find a way to get through. Also, time really is money when it comes to the advertising business and the more time you can free up, the more money you can potentially save, which means more revenue from ad serving. This is perhaps the biggest reason why publishers and advertisers make use of APIs.

Integration with other systems

Every business has its own unique approach to generating leads, selling ads, and building client relationships. Therefore, it would make sense that they want to apply their own workflows and processes when using a third-party ad server. The ad server’s API can help them to do just that because you can write custom code to integrate it with your existing systems and other third-party vendors so that they all fit together under your control.

Taking advantage of a proven infrastructure

Building and running your own an ad server can be tough, especially for new businesses. The good news is that with an API, you can have your own white label ad server and yet build your business on top of an already proven set-up. With the use of an API, you can retain more control and get the information you need quickly.

Custom reporting

Besides the time saved, another great benefit of using an API is to gain access to reporting just the way you want it. Get what you need and leave the rest aside. It allows you to cut through all the data, get to what you need and display your own report, just the way you want to see it. Additionally, you can create custom monitoring rules that trigger alerts or perform certain actions. The API offers a higher level of flexibility and a customized way of getting exactly what you need.


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