Advertising to a captive audience

waiting advertising There are many people new to advertising who believe that a campaign is a failure if it does not yield immediate results. However, that is not true. More people have become ad blind, particularly online where ads are often made to look like an organic part of the websites they appear on. One way that advertisers get around this is to place advertising in areas where people are almost forced to look at them. This is why you will very often see ads in places where people are forced to wait around with little to do for an extended period of time. You’ll see ads in airport departure lounges, train station platforms, ticket lines, checkout queues, traffic jams, and other places where there is little to do but sit around and look at the space around you. Ads placed in front of a “captive” audience tend to register better with the people who see them.

Brand building

When advertisers place their ads at the types of places mentioned above, they know that they are displaying ads where people may not be able to act on what they see right away. The goal in these situations is not necessarily to make sales or convert right away, but rather to create brand awareness so that the name of the advertiser will stick with people until they are in a position to consider or buy the advertised product or service in the near future. Thus, ad campaigns need to be given some time to work. Advertisers at these placements should look at the right ad metrics and not at short-term conversions or leads.


One of the best ways to build brand awareness is to create an ad that is both entertaining and memorable. This is why video ad serving has become such an important part of advertising, as it allows companies to put together sketches, clips and pieces that are funny, refreshing, catchy and perhaps even meaningful. Interactive game is another ad type that is entertaining and suitable for this situation. People are drawn to these types of ads, especially when they have nothing else to do, and it has been proven that the brand sticks in their minds long after.

Fresh content

Some people are immediately sold the first time that they see an ad. However, more often, they need to see it a few more times before they are convinced. This will increase the chance of a sale being made. However, even if users really like a particular ad, they will quickly grow tired of it if they are forced to see it over and over again too many times. This can have a negative impact on a brand. This is why it’s a good idea to keep ad content fresh. It’s a good idea to use multiple ad versions to present other benefits or features of the same product or service. A good ad server can help you manage, test and deliver multiple ads in the same ad space. These new ads can often push people off the fence and into the sales funnel.


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