5 ways small advertisers can use video advertising

video advertising You have probably heard the old saying about a picture being a thousand words. Given that rate of exchange, just how valuable would a video be to a small business in today’s market? Given how prevalent video is in marketing campaigns, you have to say that its value might well be going through the roof. Nowadays, people are more inclined to watch a short video than read a page or two of text, which is why so many small businesses are turning to video ad serving to get the message out. Let’s look a little closer at the medium to find out a few ways in which small advertisers can use videos to get their message out to the masses.

Demonstrate your products visually

There are a ton of different ways to use video to help with sales, but perhaps none more effective than a "how-to" video that shows exactly how a product works. This is especially effective when you are about to launch a new product, as you can clearly show how easy it is to use, while also highlighting the benefits that it delivers in the space of a short video. Instructional advertising is a powerful combination. People would rather watch that video clip than flip through an instruction manual.

Expand your reach

One of the great things about using video to market your products and services is that you are not restricted to a single place to show them off. Besides embedding videos on your website or going through YouTube, you can also create channels on Roku, Smart TV, and other similar avenues. When sharing a video on a social media page, there is always a chance that it might go viral, which will potentially bring in a ton of new customers.

Connect personally

There is a reason why you often see business owners starring on their own videos and ads. In the business world, companies, especially the larger ones, can often feel like faceless, impersonal entities to the average consumer. By putting yourself in your marketing videos, you put a face to the business, which is especially important for smaller businesses that adopt a more local and personal touch.

Convert viewers to sales

The goal of any marketing campaign is to get potential customers into the sales funnel, with the hope being that some leads turn into actual sales. With more details provided in video ads within a short duration, it helps speed up the trip down the sales funnel than other advertising mediums, with conversion rates sitting that much higher. Videos deliver information quickly, making it easier for consumers to make an informed decision.

Create shareable videos

Go online now and take a look at your social media feed to see just how many videos have been shared on your timeline. If a marketing video is particularly clever, funny, or informative, viewers feel the need to share that information with their friends. A video that goes viral can result in a huge increase in business for the company that created it. It is easy to say or see a viral video but it is not easy to make one as it takes skills and in many cases, pure luck.


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