5 common tasks after the end of an ad campaign

By the time your ad campaign has run its course, you expect it to achieve all the goals that you had planned from the outset. Rather than the end of the run being a time to relax, it is often a time to finalize your current campaign in preparation for the next one. Before you start thinking about what to do next, there are some things that need to be done to make sure that your last ad campaign is indeed finished. Here are 5 things that should be on your “to do” list when that time comes.

Make sure ads are no longer being served

This is incredibly important, because if ads are still being served, you could end up having to shell out more than you budgeted for or dispute with your supply-side ad vendor. It can also reflect poorly on your business if the ads that are still being displayed are for time-sensitive sales or promotions that are no longer valid. People may click on these ads only to find out that they can’t get what they are looking for, which may well mean a bad customer experience.

Generate ad reports

While you already generate reports throughout the campaign, the final reports need to be reviewed with a fine-tooth comb. You should be on the lookout for any unusual activities, patterns, or mistakes. You would want to ensure the start/end time of the campaign and all agreed quotas, targeting criteria were met.

Compare and resolve any discrepancies

You need to get together with all the other parties – publishers, advertisers, ad networks, etc. - and ensure that the ad server’s data you have is the same as what they have. This is your last chance to review, investigate and resolve any ad discrepancies that may occur before you issue payments.

Issue any final payment

It is time to issue your final ad campaign payments per your agreement if there is any balance. It is often the case if you use one of the following methods: net-30 payment, post-pay, partial payment, or performance-based payment. You cannot seriously think about moving on to the next campaign if you have not paid off the current balance according to the terms. It is the only good way to do business.

Archive the ad campaign

You will want to keep a record of all your stats and settings for this campaign, as they can help provide reference and guidance for future campaigns as to what did and did not work. You will find that each successive campaign will likely become a little more effective and easier as you gain the insights and experience from past campaigns.


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