Why you should have a pay-per-click program on your website?

When website owners start advertising on their websites, they usually only consider Google AdSense, since it is the most common option and it is easy to start with. While there is certainly the possibility of earning a decent income using the ads delivered by Google, you should know that it is not the only option and a lot of times, it is not the best option either. There is a big chance that the site could bring in substantially higher revenue with other advertising options, including the use of PPC ads running alongside the AdSense ads. If you have not considered using your own PPC ads, then look at the benefits that come with doing so:

Keep 100% of your earnings

Data shows that when someone clicks on an AdSense ad on your site, you might get to keep only about 70% of the revenue. Why leave 30 cents of every dollar in the hands of someone else when you can have it all? Once your website is running smoothly and you have some time to find your own advertisers, you will likely see a big jump in your advertising revenue.

Set your own rates

Do you know what sort of rates Google charges for the ads that they show on AdSense? Why continue relying on advertising rates that are pretty much out of your control? When you run your own PPC program, you are in total control of the ad rates, which gives you the ability to negotiate with potential advertisers. With these first two benefits alone, you are taking control of the amount of money that you can potentially earn.

Set your own ad policy

Google has a large number of do’s and don’ts when it comes to AdSense, and one of the big no-no’s that they have is encouraging visitors to click on ads. You can have your AdSense account shut down if it is found that you are encouraging clicks. When you have your own PPC program, advertisers can pay to have you talk about their program in ways that makes people want to genuinely click on the ads and find out about the offers. That is a win-win scenario because you and the advertiser are likely to make more money.

Choose your own ads

You have little control when it comes to the types of ads being shown on your site. The content may not be something that you deem suitable for your site and your visitors. It might depend on the search history of the visitor, which means that what is shown may not necessarily be in line with the theme of your site. It stands to reason that if you have a site devoted to golf, visitors would be more inclined to click on golf-related ads as opposed to an ad for healthy cooking techniques.

We are not suggesting that you should remove Google AdSense or other ad networks from your site. We are suggesting that you should consider running your own PPC program in tandem with third-party ads. In the long run, if you have enough PPC advertisers, then yes, removing AdSense altogether to maximize your revenue might be the best option.


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