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February 23, 2007 (first published September 2006)


  • Impact of ad blocking on advertisers and publishers
    "Ad blockers are software programs that prevent advertisements from being displayed on websites. They have become increasingly popular in recent years because more and more people have become frustrated with the overwhelming amount of ads they encounter online. " More
  • [MOVED] New website design
    "" More
  • Effects of a global pandemic on ad serving
    "We all expect to get sick at some point, as that is just a natural part of life, but what we don’t always expect is a new virus to appear for which there is, as of yet, no cure. These viruses lead to a global pandemic where we see entire countries grind to a sudden halt, with people staying indoors until the virus has run its course before slowing down. " More
  • What is ad skipping? How should advertisers deal with ad skipping?
    "Ad skipping is the act of skipping over advertisements that are played before, during, or after video content. Often as an video ad serving setting, a video ad is skippable after about 5-10 seconds. " More