More helpful tips on finding advertisers

customer relationship We have previously provided some tips on how to find advertisers and even provided some guidance on how to contact them. Now, we have some more advice in this area to improve your chances of finding more advertisers.

Advertise-With-Us Link

A simple advertise-with-us link is a very useful and often overlooked tool to help gain advertisers. Do not forget that every visitor is a potential advertising opportunity. Such a link or banner will make it obvious that you are looking for advertisers, and if the visitor is interested, a quick press of the link will lead them to valuable information as to how to become an advertiser on your site. The link should be subtle and professional so you do not look desperate as if you have not been able to find advertisers for years. Stay away from huge banners saying “Advertise Here” which needlessly deter attention from your content and are often perceived as a sign of desperation.

Identifying Potential Advertisers

Registered users are a great source of potential advertisers. They clearly find your website valuable and hence will consider it to be a good location to place advertisements. Furthermore, if you were to engage them as a potential advertiser via email, they would recognize the email address and will not regard your email as spam. Such an email may open an opportunity they had never considered. Consequently, for the right price, you may easily gain a small number of advertisers to help you get started with your advertising revenue stream. Once the ball is rolling, bigger and better advertisers will be easier to obtain. Also, visitors that leave comments on your page, although they may not be registered, show enough interest to merit your engagement.

Another clever way of finding potential advertisers is from ad networks like Google AdSense. Contextual ad networks will display advertisements from their pool of advertisers that they find relevant to your site and audience. You can, in turn, use this information to contact the advertisers that show up most frequently in an effort to gain them as a direct advertiser to increase your advertising revenue. One big advantage is that you know the company you are contacting is interested in online advertising since they are already buying advertising via an ad network.

First Contact

A final tip is with respect to the first contact with the advertiser. It is a good idea to not mention price in your initial contact. This strategy will increase the chances of a simple response from the interested advertiser to ask for your prices and thus, initiate a dialogue. The response will probably contain important contact information including the person’s name and phone number. If you have strong sales skills over the phone, you can call the person, increasing your chances of an advertising deal. Lastly, if you are unable to close the deal, it may point to your price being too high and you can try reducing it in your subsequent price negotiation.

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June 30, 2017 (first published September 2012)