Five things to avoid in your online text ad

While many advertisers are making the leap to video advertising, there are still plenty who rely on text ads, and for good reason. Text advertising is still an incredibly effective way to create leads and sales, but only if it is done correctly. Many kinds of mistakes can be made when setting up an online text ad, which can lead to poor and unexpected results. If you are about to start an online text ad campaign, here are five things you will need to avoid when creating your ads:


Nothing makes people question the validity of an ad more than spelling and grammatical errors. It does not just look bad when your ad is riddled with errors, it looks as though your business is unprofessional, amateurish, and possibly insecure. Such errors are simply unacceptable and should not happen with the available spell checker tools that are easy to access. It is always a good idea to be thorough and read the ad a few times to check for mistakes, and then get someone else to look at it as well. Even if the ad is urgent, do not launch it until the proper checks have been made.

Too much chatter

The best online ads are those that are direct and to the point. An ad is designed to get people interested in what you have to offer and nothing more. A text ad is not the place to mix in unrelated information confusing the reader. Keep the information in the ad succinct and to the point. This is definitely a place where the "less is more" rule should be adopted.

No sizzle

Keeping you are ad free from errors and on point is great, but the words that you choose should come together to create something that will genuinely excite everyone who reads them. The excitement should grow the deeper the readers get into the ad, so make sure that the ad focuses on things that will deliver a positive reaction in your target audience. Have some people read through the ad and provide feedback. Keep improving the ad until it is attractive. Stay away from boring ads that will cause visitors to disengage.

No call to action

Often times, a creative text ad is launched attracting the attention of readers only to be wasted when they do not know how to take advantage of what you are offering. Every ad that you create, text or otherwise, should end with a call to action. This lets the customer know precisely what they should do to reach your objective, whether it be “like” a social page, buy a product, visit a website, or anything else.

Missing keyword

You are going to need to decide on a keyword or two if you want the ad to be searchable and indexable by the search engine or the ad server. You might have created a great ad, but if you do not focus on one or two specific keywords, there is a chance that it never reaches your target audience once again falling short of your goals.
October 21, 2014


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