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How secure is my account?

Our ad server is designed and maintained to provide the highest level of security to clients. We keep a record of activities for the security of your account. These records include the login information (IP and time) and key actions. You can view these records by clicking on the menu My Account/Activities. A cookie in your browser is used to authenticate your access to different sections. Your ID is verified on every page. Your password is encrypted with an irreversible one-way encryption algorithm for the highest level of protection. SSL-enabled connections encrypt transmission of important data between your location and our server. If you forgot your password, you will need to request a new password since we do not know your current password. Read more for information about how we protect your credit card information.

Security Question

You can choose a validation question to enhance your security even further. Every time you login, this question will be asked after you enter the correct password. This two-step validation will make it harder for hackers to access your account.

Unauthorized Access

If you see an account login record from a strange IP address, change your password immediately. Then check if your settings have been modified or anything else has been changed.

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Instructions to customize the ad server to your preference.

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