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How do I cancel my subscription?

We appreciate your business with AdSpeed and would like to continue serving your business for many years. Please let us know how we can keep your business. We are very flexible with pricing arrangements, custom feature requests, and partnership opportunities.

However, if you still want to cancel your service, we have a simple cancellation policy and will honor all cancellation requests promptly.

Request a Cancellation

Please request a cancellation at least five (5) business days before the new billing cycle and we will stop the subscription accordingly.

The subscription will end on the same cancellation date. For example, your subscription ends April 30 and you request the cancellation on April 20. The subscription will end on April 20.

To cancel a subscription, please follow the menu My Account / Billing / Request Cancellation and choose the subscription you want to cancel.


A cancellation is not entitled to a refund, except when it is within 30 days of your account's first payment. If it is within 30 days of your account's first payment and you want to use the money-back guarantee, you must specifically request it in the cancellation form.

If you submit a late cancellation request within two business days into the next cycle, a partial refund may be considered by our billing department on a case-by-case basis. In this case, you must specifically ask for a partial refund in the cancellation form.

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