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What service am I paying for?

AdSpeed AdServer is a pure technology provider for publishers, advertisers, agencies and ad network operators to manage ad inventory, serve ads and track ad impressions, clicks, events, and conversions.

Since we do not run our own ad network or ad exchange, we do not buy or sell advertising directly. To avoid any confusion, we do not promote your ads and we do not pay you to display our ads.


The first payment is prorated from the subscription's starting date to the next billing cycle. For example, a monthly subscription starts on May 10. The first payment is prorated from May 10 to May 31. The next billing cycle starts on June 1 for the whole month. A monthly subscription will renew on the first of every month thereafter. Impression credits are also prorated according to the payment.

Please make sure that you have sufficient funds available by the next billing cycle to avoid any billing issue.

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