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Skin Background Ad

A skin ad (also called a background ad, a site takeover ad, or a bookend ad) appears in the background on both sides of the web page and it is clickable. This ad format uses CSS, HTML and JavaScript code to set the background image and make it clickable.


You can view an example skin/background ad on this page: Demo


To customize the sample ad to your own ad:
  • Change the background ad image URL
  • Modify any CSS rules as needed to fit your ad dimension and website layout
  • Change the click URL to the suitable landing page URL
  • For click tracking, prepend the click macro [ASClickTrackerUnescaped] to your landing page URLs and add a JavaScript dynamic cache-buster (eg: &cb='+Math.random()) to prevent the browser from caching the click URL

Create a skin/background ad

  • Click on the menu Ads / Create a new ad and choose the ad type to be Rich-Media/HTML
  • Paste the ad code from the demo/sample page into the box
  • Customize the ad content to your own ad with the instructions above
  • Generate the JavaScript-based ad tag. Do not use Iframe-based ad tag because it needs to take over the background of the main page

Ad Management

You can serve a single skin/background ad or group multiple skin/background ads into a zone and get the zone's ad tag to rotate them. To avoid displaying the default error when there is no available skin/background ad in the zone, check the box to hide all errors when generating the ad tag.

Ad Tag

The ad tag for this ad must be in JavaScript format. For most web pages, it could be placed anywhere within your web page. However, it is suggested to place the ad serving tag near the bottom of the page to avoid slowing down the whole page. By doing this, the ad will only appear after the page has finished loading.

If you need our assistance with this type of ad, please create the ad in your account and let us know the ad name so that we can check and modify appropriate settings.

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