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Expandable Image Ad

This ad template is for an expandable ad but without the need for Flash. It uses only JavaScript and HTML to swap 2 images.

Sample Code

<script type="text/javascript">
  function expand(){
  function contract(){
<div id="ad_div" style="z-index:3000;position:relative;cursor:pointer;" onmouseover="expand();" onmouseout="contract()">
  <img id="ad_sm" src="" alt="" style="width:728px;height:90px;" />
  <a href="" target="_blank">
    <img id="ad_lg" src="" style="display:none;width:728px;height:200px;" alt="" />


To customize the sample ad to your own ad, change the URL of the ad images and the ad dimensions.

Create the ad

  • Click on the menu Ads / Create a new ad and choose the ad type to be Rich-Media/HTML
  • Paste the ad HTML code from the Sample Code section into the code box
  • Customize the ad content to your own creative content
  • Generate the JavaScript-based serving code

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