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Image Slideshow

This ad creative template will rotate through a number of images. It is often used to showcase multiple photos for a real estate property, travel resort, or a facility/building.

Sample Code

<script src="//"></script>
<style type="text/css">
#AdSpeedAdSlideShow img { position:absolute; }
#AdSpeedAdSlideShow img.AdImgActive{ z-index:999; }

<div id="AdSpeedAdSlideShow">
 <img src="img1.jpg" class="AdImgActive" />
 <img src="img2.jpg" />
 <img src="img3.jpg" />

<script type="text/javascript">
 function slideSwitch() {
  var $active = $('div#AdSpeedAdSlideShow img.AdImgActive');
  var $next = $;

 $(function() {
  setInterval("slideSwitch()", 5000); // 5 seconds


To customize the sample ad to your own ad, change the URL of the ad images and the switching interval. You can further use fadeIn/fadeOut methods to add animation to the slides.

Create the ad

  • Click on the menu Ads / Create a new ad and choose the ad type to be Rich-Media/HTML
  • Paste the ad HTML code from the Sample Code section into the code box
  • Customize the ad content to your own creative content
  • Generate the JavaScript-based serving code

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