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A website is a publishing partner of an ad network or a member site of a group of websites.


An ad network, or a multi-site publisher, can have many websites. A website can link to multiple zones. A zone can link to one website. You can create/clone a zone into a new zone for more sites. A website can have multiple users, called site partners. A site partner can access multiple websites.


An ad network has multiple members: publishers and advertisers. Publishing members include these three websites,, and Advertising members include these three businesses Hilton_Hotels, Southwest_Airline, and Winery_Group.

Create a New Website

  • Sign into your account, follow menu "Publishers / Add a new Publisher"
  • Fill in the name and URL address of the website
Advanced Settings include the ability to:
  • Enable or disable ad listing and ad details
  • Restrict ad display to certain domains and domain aliases

Add a new User to a Website

  • Follow the menu "Publishers / All"
  • Click on a website name
  • Click on the User Access tab and fill in the user registration form
  • This user, a site partner, can sign into his/her own account. A site partner has read-only permissions (view linked zones/ads, generate stats reports, and get the serving code) and cannot modify items

Link an Existing User to a Website

A single site partner can link to one or more websites and can view all the zones of the linked website(s).
  • Follow the menu "Publishers / All"
  • Click on a website name
  • Click on the User Access tab and choose an existing user to link to this website

Link Zone(s) to a Website

  • Follow menu "Publishers / All"
  • Click on a publisher/website
  • Click on All Zones tab
  • Check the box for the zone that you want to link to this website

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