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How do I resell this ad server to my clients?

You can resell our popular ad management and serving solution to your valuable clients and earn great rewards. This reselling program is designed for companies and individuals that do not use our adserver directly but refer their clients to our service. For existing clients, there is the cash-back program to refer your friends to AdSpeed ad server.

If you are a web design firm, an application service (ASP, SaaS) provider, a consultant, or a marketing specialist that looks for a reliable ad server for your clients, you can confidently send them to AdSpeed. We provide a high quality ad serving solution with one of the best value on the market.

Simple Reselling

You simply refer your clients and contacts to AdSpeed using your affiliate link. They will create their own account. If they sign up, the affiliate link will credit your account with this referral. We will provide technical support directly to the referrals on all of our products.

Direct Reselling

You need the White Label add-on if you want to resell our service directly to your client. In this case, your client will only see your company as the primary service provider. You will need to create their account, pay for it and set up the account. You will provide setup, training, customer service and technical support directly to your client. We run the back-end operations and provide assistance to you, the reseller. For direct reselling, each client account will need both his/her own impression plan and a Private Branding add-on.


Commission/discount rates:
  • Silver (less than 10 active clients): 10%
  • Gold (11-40 active clients): 15%
  • Platinum (more than 40 active clients): 20%
For simple reselling program: a commission will be added to your balance for each and every payment from your clients to us. It is a recurring stream of commissions for the life of the client's account or 4 years, whichever comes first. When your balance is more than $100, you can request your accumulated commissions to be processed and sent out.

For direct reselling program: you will get an exclusive coupon for all of your subscriptions.


You're at the Silver level and you refer 2 accounts: one subscribes to $100/month plan and another account subscribes to $400/month plan. Your commission is $50/month from these 2 accounts.

Apply Now

This program is free and open to everyone. Please contact us today to apply. Please include the following information in your application:
  • Company Name: __________
  • Contact Person: __________
  • Business Address: __________
  • Contact Email and Phone: __________
  • Description about your business: __________
  • Description about your clients: __________

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